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Anyone have experience with the Stones Throw vinyl sub?

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I'm looking into the Stones Throw Records vinyl sub for 2018. It's $380 after CA tax and shipping for everything they put out on vinyl in 2018.


I wanted to see if anyone here subbed in 2017 and what your thoughts were. It seems like it's not a huge savings to pay $380 for 12-17 pieces of vinyl but they mention shipping some items before the street date and perhaps having some sub member exclusives (a Jay Dilla 7" this year). What did you enjoy/not enjoy about subbing in the past? What would you share with someone who is thinking of subbing?

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On 12/28/2017 at 3:01 PM, jaypeap said:

I always wondered if they included the rare test presses they sometimes sell, but never got a clear answer. 

Yeah. I'm also a little confused on where the line is between a new release, an old release that is getting a new vinyl pressing, and an old release that is getting pressed on vinyl for the first time and which ones I'd get.


I reached out to them on social media a few days ago with a question on that and haven't heard back. That lack of clarity plus this year's sub being $50 more than 2017 with no real details on why is making me lean toward playing it safe and skipping on subscribing.

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