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Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

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16 hours ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

Saw an Instagram post about the pre-order. There's like a thousand mailers stacked and packed. Bonus: we get airheads with the order. 

I honestly keep ordering from Polyvinyl just for the airheads (and the music is good). 90% of the time in the same color as the record lol. Got one every month with that 2017 4-Track series lol.

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7 hours ago, whoa said:

Glad I got this variant for the punk-rock wonky centre label! Otherwise, this is my first colour-in-colour and it looks mint.


 Edit: y'all gonna love side 2. 

I wish mine was here. Probably be next week. That is a dope variant (label included). 

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