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PO NOW: Turnstile - Time & Space (Out Feb 23th)

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This was announced a couple weeks ago, but according to the band, the preorders are dropping on friday, so, keep your eyes peeled. 


Edit: PO is live now http://store.roadrunnerrecords.com/artists-1/turnstile.html


4 variants available:

Light Blue - 200 units
Burnt Orange - 400 units
Baby Pink - 500 units
White - 1200 units

 1. "Real Thing"
2. "Big Smile"
3. "Generator"
4. "Bomb"
5. "I Don't Wanna Be Blind"
6. "High Pressure"
7. "(Lost Another) Piece Of My World"
8. "Can't Get Away"
9. "Moon"
10. "Come Back For More / H.O.Y."
11. "Right To Be"
12. "Disco"
13. "Time + Space"

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PO live

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Looking for a copy on either blue or orange.  I ordered it when it first went up and then a couple weeks later Roadrunner canceled my order with no explanation, so those versions were long gone by the time I got the message.

Generally, I don't care that much about what color a record is but it's nagging me that I ordered a certain one because I thought it looked neat and then it was taken away.

So if anyone is having buyer's remorse on this and wants to part with it give me a holler.


Otherwise I'm curious if they will have a tour version or something when they head out with Touche Amore in April and I can get it then.

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