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FS: Julia Brown, Alex G, Snowing, Coma Cinema, Various Orchid Tapes

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-Alex G- DSU 12” Kelly Green (1st Press)

-"Blithe Field Ricky Eat Acid" Split Cassette SOLD

-Coma Cinema- "Posthumous Release" Cassette SOLD

-Julia Brown- Library 7" Gold SOLD

-Orchid Tapes "What Would Your Closest Friends Do?" Cassette SOLD

-Orchid Tapes "Angeltown" Cassette SOLD

-Odd Castles- "Those Who Were Once Friends Are Now Fam Compilation" Cassette SOLD

-Snowing- “I Could Do Whatever...” 12” Black, Screenprinted Cover (1st Press)


-Elvis Depressedly- Holo Pleasures 7” Red SOLD

-Ricky Eat Acid- Three Love Songs 12” Royal Blue (1st Press) SOLD


All solid condition, played scarcely. Happy to send photos of whatever or more info, just PM me.

*For most of the OT stuff, I have the tea bags, pins, stickers etc. they shipped with and am happy to include them except the written notes, as they are personalized.

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