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PO: Mount Eerie - Now Only (March 16th, 2018)

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Dawn and Lost Wisdom are both very good, earlier mellow albums. The Glow Pt. 2 and Mount Eerie (the album) by the Microphones are essential listening I’d say but quite different when compared to Now Only and A Crow Looked At Me.

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7 hours ago, andrewlucas said:

Decided to randomly listen to this band for the first time. Pretty good. Very mellow. Typically I prefer my mellow music to be female singers but this was still very good. Are the other albums better or worse? Or the same?

There's a connecting thread to them all but they vary quite a bit, IMO. Some are very atmospheric and abstract and others have more conventional, easier-to-make-out song structures. Sometimes it's acoustic, sometimes it's plugged-in but sparse folk, sometimes it shreds and there are giant walls of distorted crashing drums, sometimes its 3 minutes of fog with bells off in the distance. Don't let one record or stretch of songs that don't resonate with you turn you off to Mt. Eerie/Microphones entirely.

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