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AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

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32 minutes ago, tlr said:

Hmm, my chat agent told me I had to wait until my delivery window was up.

Tell them you are concerned about previous feedback about the seller and the fact that they provided bogus tracking on top of removing everything they were selling from there storefront. That should do the trick

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Regarding the $2 Spin Cleans: the 4 I ordered are supposedly in transit (to Canada) with estimated delivery between now and the 8th, but amazon has still filed an a-z claim for my order since the seller has not responded to emails, and i assume considering the posted feedback and other complaints/refunds issued from same seller acct.  

I knew it was pretty unlikely to be real but since it was amazon and I paid with paypal I felt it was a risk-free chance at a few great Christmas gifts for good friends/fellow collectors, and for myself a spare set of brushes (and the spare basin as a rinse unit on the cheap).  Would have been a hella deal if someone was trying to clear out some stock quick. Never say never! 

Anyone else that ordered from that seller- you do not have to wait until after the delivery window. I used the live chat option to talk to a rep.  They checked the order # and filed the claim live while I waited, said I will get refund confirmation from a-z investigation team within 24-48 hrs. 

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