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AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

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1 hour ago, swb said:

I'm not convinced that I actually want this, but since it's a pre-order, I suppose I can order now and decide later -- thanks!

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9 minutes ago, jackshidt said:

How does that pre-ordering price guarantee at Amazon work nowadays?  Does everyone who pre-ordered this in the last few weeks also pay $22.99?  What about the people who buy after this, assuming the price is moved back up?   Can they argue back for $22.99 as well? 

If you pre order it, they will honor the lowest price between order and ship. It just goes down on your order as it does on the site.


If you buy it today or tmmw or a week from now and it's not a pre order, you pay the price at time of order. Just like you do when you go grocery shopping,  they don't honor a price 2 weeks ago

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2 minutes ago, Dunc said:

I am sure they will honor it. This is the first record I have ever bought that I am 100% sure I will never listen to.

I'm guessing they are going to cancel all of these. It was up for long enough that it was on VC, /r/vinyldeals; shit it was even on Slickdeals.  A thousand people must have ordered this.

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