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PO Soon: Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog (April 6)

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very cool news, loved painted shut, ill have to get this ill keep an eye up for a limited variant but ill be good with whatever at release if I miss out. Now i'm kind of hoping they send my shop one of those postcard flexis, I won't hold my breath since it's probably just sent out to radio related people but it would be a nice surprise if it showed up in one of the promotional boxes we get on occasion 

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1 hour ago, dynabcn said:

It's up!

Saddle Creek Store Exclusive : Limited edition of 500 tri-color striped vinyl. Limit 2 per customer. 

Snagged a tricolor. So excited for this. I'm an OG fan since their debut album was playing randomly at my local record store and asked what was playing. I bought it for $18 and the owner was stoked to get rid of it since it had been there for awhile. Such a unique sound!

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54 minutes ago, Codyoster said:

The tri color is kinda ugly but I ordered it with the quickness! I'm surprised it's still up

I think it looks great.  I barely know this band but the tri-color design along with the free shipping make this a no-brainer.  Really liking their previous album that I am listening to now.

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