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Here's A Completed Updated List of The Records I'm selling. All prices are negotiable, paypal.


Also, if it's not listed => I don't have it. 


I have the following LP's For Sale...


- Phobocosm "Deprived" *black vinyl* [canadian death metal on dark descent] ($12)


- Phobocosm "Bringer of Drought" [canadian death metal on dark descent] *black vinyl* ($13)


- Death Courier "Necrogasm (ep)/Deny Your Destiny (demo)/4 Live Songs" [old school thrash death metal on nwnprod] *nwnprod reissue 2017 on black vinyl* ($16)


- Devouring Star "Antihedron" [black metal on dark descent] *lmtd brown vinyl* ($15)


- Eternal Solstice "Remnants of Immortality" [dutch death metal on dark descent] *orange with black splatter* ($12)


- Engorged/Gruesome Stuff Relish split [grind/death metal on last house on the right] *lmtd clear vinyl* ($12)


- Fondlecorpse "Creaturegore"  *black vinyl* [gore death metal on cannibal impalement records] ($12)


- Heavy Metal Original Motion Picture Soundtrack *black vinyl* ($10)


- Nasum "Inhale/Exhale" [classic grind on relapse] ($13)


- Nasum "Human 2.0" [classic grind on relapse] ($13)


- Gadget "The Great Destroyer" [mind bending grind on relapse] ($13)


Domestic shipping rates in the USA:

1 lp shipped is $3, each additional lp is $1




Trades welcomed as well... Prefer to sell... Discounts available when purchasing multiple items.


Email is [email protected] hit me up there. Thanks. I accept paypal only!

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