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LF: Ryan Adams bootlegs and live recordings

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Hey everyone, I'm not sure how many people love Ryan Adams as much as I do,  and I'm looking for some live shows that I don't already have. Also any demo or promo discs that I don't have. So far I have, looking to fill in some gaps. Thanks 

10/28/99 Exit In, Nashville TN

10/18/2001 Paradisio Amsterdam 

1/21/2004 Carling Academy 

5/14/05  Entertainment Spere in Buffalo, New York 

10/4/2008 Fox Theatre 

06/11/2011 Oslo, NO





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Also try Dimeadozen.org for torrents. Not sure if Ryan Adams has showed up there, but I'm not looking for him so I wouldn't have noted it. They have a cap on the max number of users, but purge daily so a little patience will get you in there pretty quickly. Other good live music torrent sites are Zomb, Tradersden and bt etree.

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