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Yarn, McCafferty's sophomore album, will come out on Triple Crown Records on March 23rd.


“One of the definitions of ‘yarn’ is a long, rambling story that is incoherent and just sort of goes on,” Hartkop explains. “I think that really defines McCafferty. No matter how many times we tried to put it down, it’s come back up. The band wasn’t done with us. It was calling us back for a reason.”



Pressing Information
First Press: 
300 - Gold with Red Splatter (Pre-Order Exclusive) 
500 - Red/Gold/Purple Tri-Color (Wax Bodega / Tour Exclusive) 
1500 - Red (Online and Tour Variant)

Track Listing: 
1. Loser 
2. Paper, Pencil, Copyright 
3. Yarn 
4. Strain 
5. Sauerkraut 
6. Scotland 
7. Mary Z 
8. Windmill 
9. It’s A 
10. Westboro Sadness 
11. Prolly 





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