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'When Broken Is Easily Fixed' and 'Discovering The Waterfront' are finally up over at: http://www.victorymerch.com/store/silverstein

Colored Variants are limited to 250, black is limited to 1,600 (at least for WBIEF).


abi2xh.png 2cz3gax.png

When Broken Is Easily Fixed [/250] Clear Green w/ Black Smoke : Discovering The Waterfront [/250] Clear Yellow w/ White Smoke




Victory is repressing both albums again:

When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Orange, Red & Black Starburst) /225 - 5th pressing

When Broken Is Easily Fixed (White) /475 - 5th pressing

Discovering The Waterfront (Grey Putty) /475 - 6th pressing

Discovering The Waterfront (Clear Green) /300 - 6th pressing

Discovering The Waterfront (Clear Orange w/ Black Smoke) /225 - 6th pressing

These are all set to ship on or before November 30, 2018. (Release date 12/7 apparently)


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represses again

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April 20th for "When Broken" :




I look foward to them being availible on Amazon.ca if that does happen, otherwise I'll keep a look on the Victory Records Merch Store I  guess.

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33 minutes ago, MCDELTAT said:

Hmmm... haven't bought anything from Victory in a long time. Depending on quality might grab one.

I hadn't bought anything from them in a LONG time, but grabbed Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be for crazy cheap off Amazon recently. Not sure about their other releases but this one was A LOT better than what they were shitting out back in like 2005-2007 when I bought a few of their releases.

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1 hour ago, MyckelJay said:

The 'When Broken Is Easily Fixed' Re-issues also have two bonus tracks: Friends in Fall River* and Forever And A Day*


Hopefully that means Discovering will have the bonus tracks on it too.

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