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PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

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23 minutes ago, ethereal said:

merchbar is a scam like this. they have tons of OOP stuff that is listed as “backordered”  or temporarily out of stock but don’t actually have it. it’s also nearly impossible to get a refund if you try to buy one of those listings.

one of the absolute worst companies to buy vinyl from. all customer service is outsourced to India too.

This. I have no idea how they're still allowed to operate the way they do since literally half the merch they advertise consists of things that they are never actually going to get in stock.

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Just a quick hit. The Deluxe "Translucent" Black is back in stock at merchnow...

Even though the thumbnail image still has a huge sold out banner on it lol.


1 Copy Left, Get at It!


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9 minutes ago, [Banned User] said:

I keep checking their official site store for the EU/UK exclusive green deluxe /300. 


The only preorder package I missed out on. If anyone got that one and isn't set on that variant, I will trade a smartpunk /300 splatter plus cash for it. 

Do have a link to the EU/UK exclusive? I didn’t see it. I know it’s sold out but I’ve heard a few people mention it.

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7 hours ago, drawcody said:

“LIMITED TO 300 UNITS (US and UK/EU official stores)”


its the same record that came in the $97 bundle in the US store. 

I know they're the same. I mean, I still need it, regardless of how it's described. Whole point of my post. 

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