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PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

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25 minutes ago, hyperg1ant said:

Response I got from MerchNow:



This a like a lottery I guess, I hope no one gets a cancellation.

Send an email to Fearless. I sent them an email about Merchnow being unprofessional a couple years ago and they had zero tolerance for it and Fearless corrected the issue within a couple of hours. Considering there's barely any left in stock and we won't be able to reorder that was a really scummy move from them.

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"In the next few days, or before shipment." That is insanely poor and lazy customer service. It was their own fault that this problem occurred and they plan on inexplicably cancelling peoples' orders on a whim over the coming months? If I had ordered the deluxe I would be messaging merchnow/fearless right now.

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3 minutes ago, V3XED said:

So wtf.... people who paid 30$ are getting cancelled.

I paid 50$ like a dumbass, are they going to cancel my order too?

I'm thinking (hoping) that they had originally planned to raise the price periodically the whole time, and the original $29 price was the only screw-up. At least to me that sounds more reasonable than them messing up the price 5 separate times.

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I suppose that makes sense, despite being just a gross business model.


Also, what are the chances that the translucent black just looks standard black unless your holding it up to light. ha. Mockup is very unclear, but a like black/clear swirl would be pretty cool.


Final thought, whats to stop me from swapping an acid green standard LP into my deluxe black?
Hahah, it will be funny if the barcodes are the same for the different DLX variants.


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