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Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

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1 hour ago, Buffbloom said:

Do you travel a lot?  All of your pictures are tagged in random cities throughout the world.  I hope this is just some inside joke between you and yourself... That's something I would do.  I love secret jokes that only I get.

Good eye. I tag the home city of the artist I’m displaying. It’s an added layer of fun for me to see where they all come from. I also notice a lot of trends with LA, Chicago, UK and Texas


for those interested @the_analog_ear

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5 hours ago, Buffbloom said:

Yo, if anyone adds me, I'll add you back and I will actually look at your pictures and interact and shit.  Like a real homie.


Again https://www.instagram.com/melodicallydeaf/

I've followed you for quite awhile! Didn't know you're in VC too.


My IG is https://www.instagram.com/zam_kamus/

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going to do a single spam in this here thread, and again over in the black/doom/death metal threads in general chat. my pal and i are starting up our monthly music/vinyl/tape related podcast again and have created an instagram page to link with it. if you’re into anything from 90s rock to black metal recorded in a tin can, check us out. podcast subscription link is on our instagram profile for those interested. thank you. 



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I really like what I'm seeing here. Really interesting to see part of your vinyl collections!

Started my own vinyl only Instagram 2 days ago. I will post constantly vinyl records from my ambient collection (approx. 500). 

So, if you are into Ambient, feel free to drop by and to follow me.



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