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PO Now: birds of passage (Alicia Merz) "The Death Of Our Invention" / April 6 -- plus Represses of 3 on Silver

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Denovali flashed an add on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, with nothing on the website. So I emailed Timo and he confirmed that it wasn't a subliminal advertisement, but PO's would be going up this month. He wouldn't divulge any more information than that, and Denovali hasn't been flashing this in neon lights either. 

I would expect these to move pretty fast, especially if they pressed /100 variants.

Found an interview, and apparently Alicia has married (a highwayman?) and had two children in the in interim -- so a big life change.

I will try to update in a timely fashion but my life precludes instant notifications, so please feel free to bump this thread and link when this drops. I think Timo will probably start a separate thread anyways.


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This is up now.  The Death Of Our Invention

/150 Red is the limited. Black is also available.

Looks like there are represses of Without The World, Dear And Unfamiliar, and Winter Lady --  all on Silver and 18 Euros each as well.

Represses in Silver also out in 2 to 3 weeks


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