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PO NOW: Caspian - The Four Trees 10 Year Anniversary Press

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8 hours ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

Honestly, the PayPal claim window being 180 days I'd say just wait and see what happens. It's a great release and worth having.


The lack of communication sucks but there's not really any risk in the event the records never get shipped.

That's a fair shake.  Also, check your PM's dude!

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19 minutes ago, Gumbo72203 said:

I meannnn..... yeah, but....  when the label ships some records, and not others, and then just literally doesn't answer anybody...  what else are you supposed to do?

It's the worst part : it's not like if nobody received his order.  We all know that the vinyl are released and some of us have it and other don't.

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9 hours ago, Sasan said:

This has turned into the biggest whining thread on VC...who would have thought that?!

Really dude? Do you have any self awareness? Just because you got yours means all these people out of money can't express their disappointment?

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11 hours ago, jtoth000 said:

Still haven’t received records or heard anything.....



I'm not sure you will, sadly.  Their instagram is full of weird stuff....  i think Joel and Lindsay broke up (?)   The IG says "I'm very hunted and it's very difficult and I'm having to move and it's a lot to do by myself." 

This is also coupled with a Spanish quote which reads: 

May the heart you eat be your death. because he is the god of love. 
gasp for air while you choke on the fragments. It can cut like glass. 
hold the glass that covers me. It may only dissolve when washed on the ground like sand. 
covered by the love of the sun. Can a breeze blow through lands. 
You can send me to an address for you. let there be salvation. You can see a rose that shines in the morning dew. 
It can fill your heart.
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Band response:


We've heard from one too many people now about getting stiffed from The Mylene Sheath on their "The Four Trees" 2XLP repress. Customers paying but never getting their orders, spotty responses or no response at all from them on order status... it is so unbelievably frustrating to watch a record label shortchange some of your fans who throw down their hard earned money on a record only to receive no response whatsoever or equally as bad, half assed excuses. If you are one of the folks out there who did finally receive your order, please recognize that there are folks out there who still haven't. We hear from them all the time, and we've had enough.

We aren't the type to air our dirty laundry in public and never really have but it's become increasingly clear that this reflects poorly on our band. That is not acceptable. We have done our best to serve our fans with the dignity and respect they deserve for 14 years and actually feel more than decent about how we have operated on that front.

While we figure out how to proceed, please accept our apology. We are not responsible for pressing records, shipping them, keeping customers apprised on the status, etc., but we HAVE become increasingly sensitive to people throwing out excuses and we very genuinely hope that the above doesn't like one. We are sorry.


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33 minutes ago, ✦ S U N S H I N E ✦ 日 光 ♡♡ said:

You can't stop shipping orders because you're sad. What a joke. I regret ever defending them in the past even though it was unrelated.




Although, it very well could be a "burn your life down" type of sadness. That doesn't change/excuse anything, but homie might be spiraling something fierce.

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4 minutes ago, Bladewillisisdead said:




Although, it very well could be a "burn your life down" type of sadness. That doesn't change/excuse anything, but homie might be spiraling something fierce.

I feel for them and love burning all my bridges myself, but my burdens are mine and I wouldn't heap them on others like this.

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Man, what a shitshow. I checked out their IG page and the comments are sad, and nearly borderline pathetic. I'm glad I held off ordering this but I still really want it, I'm hoping the band can somehow take over the remaining inventory and get them sent out through a distro or something soon

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