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PO NOW: Caspian - The Four Trees 10 Year Anniversary Press

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Just now, Gumbo72203 said:

Do you guys think Caspian misspoke on the last line of their message?  I'm not really sure I understand what they mean about being sensitive to excuses and "the above doesn't like one." 

I'm not sure Like was the intended word?

I think they meant 'look like one'

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TL;DR version:  i ordered, they didn't communicate, i disputed, i got refunded, i still received the record unexpectedly.


Long version:  Funny story for me... and i suppose in the end also positive.  some of you may recall my posts from a few pages back about this.  i had moved at the end of June, and had been attempting to contact the label about my order to change the shipping address since it was my understanding that USPS will not forward media mail.  email after email and no reply from mylene sheath, as a result, i put in a dispute with paypal who also attempted to contact them and was also unsuccessful.  so paypal sided with my dispute and refunded my money.  2 weeks ago (Aug.13) i got a shipping confirmation email from mylene sheath (paypal issued my refund on 6/30).  and sure enough, they were shipping out my Caspian The Four Trees order to my old address and USPS flagged it as undeliverable.  i contacted my old post office and they held it for me there since i return to the area every other weekend on business i was able to stop by the post office and pick it up.  so it was a free copy for me in the end because the 2 folks that run this label do not check their emails apparently.  on the inside of the mailer was my receipt with a handwritten note:  "Hey!  Thanks so much for the order!  Hope it holds you well!!  Spiral up!  -Sheath"  i'm happy to have the record and a small part of me (very small) feels like i should resend them the money for it.  but hell... how am i supposed to do that if i can't reach them?!  LOL... at any rate, i listened to it earlier this week.  Nice pressing and great album. 


Also, what i received was the blood red with white smoke variant.  the wheels at mylene sheath turn slow folks, VERY slow.  if you put in an order, expect to receive sometime between today and your death.

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I always felt kind of bad when I received two copies of this album a couple of years ago, right before Chris died. I let them know,  and they actually asked for it back and that they would cover the shopping. Told me to look out for an email soon....


Obviously that never came and I kept the record. I even ordered stuff from them afterwards and it was never brought up again.  Even back then I was thinking that they were kind of losing control or that they needed help.  


R.I.P mylene sheath 

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38 minutes ago, dapeebs said:

Received mine around late summer. I heard a rumor the band took legal action against the label for not shipping a good majority of these out. Can’t speak on the legitimacy of this rumor, don’t remember where I read it. 

This is news to me and I tried to keep up with the saga even after I received my copy long ago.

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