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The National: Cherry Tree Membership w/ Exclusive Annual Vinyl

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8 minutes ago, Ranch Cat said:

Does anyone know when the annual record goes out? I just remembered I joined in April and I’ve never received anything.

Ironically enough, they actually just sent out an e-mail update this morning.  Paraphrasing here, but they're essentially putting the finishing touches on it and hope to have it sent out before the year is over.

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6 minutes ago, iameasytofind said:

didn't join until spring this year so i wasn't eligible for the first. what's in the 1st vinyl? is it music by the band or some kind of playlist they put together?

It's a live compilation:

A1 - All the Wine - Toronto, Canada - 4.11.2014
A2 - Wasp Nest - Manchester, United Kingdom - 9.23.2017
A3 - 90-Mile Water Wall - Rome, Italy - 7.23.2014
A4 - Lucky You - Berlin, Germany - 11.4.2013
A5 - Son - Hudson, United States - 7.15.2017
B1 - All Dolled-Up in Straps - Rome, Italy - 7.23.2014
B2 - Available / Cardinal Song - Chicago, United States - 4.17.2014
B3 - Murder Me Rachael - Austin, United States - 4.23.2014
B4 - About Today - London, United Kingdom - 11.26.2014


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36 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

What are you guys thinking for Vol. 2? 


My guess is an expanded EP that they just put out through Amazon. 



I do hope they start doing full shows at some point. a 1LP comp is very nice, but I think I'd like full shows. 


They are putting their berkeley shows from last year on cassettes this black friday. no vinyl release for that one (yet). perhaps saving that for CT? 

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The official National Cherry Tree Instagram account posted a picture of the 2019 package that is now shipping. Looks like a 3XLP is going out in this package.  



Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed the actual photo here. 

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I paid $50 for the membership and got the Vol. 1 comp, never used the membership for tickets, and have never looked back--it's great.


*N.B.--I used the scarf from the first package a lot last winter, too, but it just wasn't cold enough this year to use. That was a quality product.

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