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Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

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Didn't see anything else in thread about this; GLASSING has a new record coming out in April.


GLASSING - "From the Other Side of the Window" LP


Release Date: April 26, 2024


The space between soaring euphoria and dwindling hope is much thinner than so many of us would dare to admit. Glassing, however, not only reside in this liminal space, but thrive.

The Austin, Texas-based power-trio have overcome every grisly obstacle thrown their way, sharpening their teeth over eight relentless years of touring and drinking in the wisdom earned off the back of their inimitable palette of post-hardcore, black metal and soaring, celestial shoegaze.

Now though, on ‘From the Other Side of the Mirror’, Glassing invite us inside to take a hard look at ourselves from an alien, uncompromising and often unsettling perspective....(more text from Pelagic Records on the website)

Looks like a number of different variants are available through a couple different merch stores. Sounds like this one is going to be a ripper. 

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4 hours ago, 2notepockets said:


New Acathexis pre order as well as a repress of Wanderers: Astrology of the nine or whatever the fuck its called haha. Considering pulling the trigger  on Wanderers $120 isn't too much to pay for a 3lp...

Hoping the Acathexis and Laahd records hang around for a bit.  Trying to slow the spending.  

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5 hours ago, N8TRU said:

New FOH comes out on my birthday. I'm going to try to take a photo with the billboard soon. What a treat.

Up at https://www.fullofhell.com/

Vinyl Colors
100 - Clear with Glitter and Blue & Orange Splatter (Friends Press)
300 - Glow In The Dark Green (CCA Exclusive)
300 - Clear with Blue and Orange Smoke (Rough Trade Exclusive)
300 - Golden Nugget (Zia Records Exclusive)
500 - Neon Green, Black and White Segments 
500 - Neon Yellow, White and Green Mix (Indie Retail Exclusive)
500 - Black with Red cross and White Splatter (Tour Exclusive)
700 - Pink, Brown and White Mix (Deathwish Exclusive)
700 - Neon Orange, Blue and White Mix 
1500 - Clear with Splatter

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New Ulcerate!!!! Pre-order info drops March 14th, album art & tracklist is up now:



01. To Flow Through Ashen Hearts
02. The Dawn is Hollow
03. Further Opening the Wounds
04. Transfiguration In and Out of Worlds
05. To See Death Just Once
06. Undying as an Apparition
07. Cutting the Throat of God


"Cutting the Throat of God" explores a cohesive lyrical theme centered around the rupture of morality, the delicate boundary between depravity and extremity, and the irreversible descent into darkness.

A first track, 'The Dawn is Hollow,' and pre-order details will be unveiled on March 14th. The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats, and is set for release on June 14th 2024.

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8 minutes ago, lexicondevil said:

Keep an eye on the Gatecreeper and NB site. Something is going down today. Hopefully it is the new album. Someone post when it's up!😀

It is - tracklist and info up here: https://www.townsend-records.shop/product-page/gatecreeper-dark-superstition-purple-vinyl

Waiting on the band's announce and variants.

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