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Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

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7 hours ago, museummouth said:

New Thou should be epic. I’d love a new album from MGLA such an underrated band. Patiently waiting for the new Behemoth lp. 

I don't know about MGLA being underrated anymore after 'Exercises';  I saw A LOT of MGLA shirts and patches at Maryland Deathfest two weekends ago.

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New /200  splatter variant of Necrot "Blood Offerings" is up at Tankcrimes. 2017's best Death Metal album, BUY OR DIE!!!



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1 hour ago, coreystevens88 said:

I've seen it discussed on NWN and Reddit now, but not here:  Anyone kept up with the Judas Iscariot reissue drama with Ascension Monuments Media?  I am waiting for response about cancelling my preorders currently, the whole situation has turned into a circus that I wish to avoid.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried due to the number of preorders I have with them. I'm not giving them any more money until I get something.

What's my old rule? Never trust a junkie?

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I ordered 'Of Great Eternity' 'To Embrace' and 'Dethroned' the day they were put up, before everything else was announced.  After no issues with my Leviathan 'First Sublevel' LP order, I had already preordered Leviathan's "Unfailing Fall.." and felt fine with my orders.  Then the preorders just kept coming: variants, deluxe this / deluxe that.  THEN the shipping dates updated in Bandcamp from September to December - which would fall after the 6-month protected Paypal Window.  And THEN the "We found 38 deadstock copies of the OG Sombre 'Distant' pressing so we're hooking you all up" but in reality they were bootlegs, they are discovered so they change their tune to "Who cares who pressed it, I can't get a first press and this version is pretty nice considering." 

I don't need JI reissues bad enough to deal with this rigmarole from this company.  They can all stay as elusive $200-600  first presses on Discogs, we don't need "Andrew gave me permission 10 years ago" garbage reissues.

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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 9:31 PM, JohnMatrix said:

I ordered a couple JI records from AMM. Not really worried or concerned. He never fucked me over and his Leviathan records have been going out without any problems that I've seen. 

This was the case for me, but after they very clearly bootlegged 'Distant in Solitary Night' LP's and tried to pass them off as 'original deadstock first presses' from someone overseas and then completely lied about it when they were caught, that ordeal alone is enough for me to never want to give them another dime.

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