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Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard? (2-disc red marble translucent)

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I'll wait till it's $20 like Skacoustic and CCF.

I put all three into my cart since I only have Radio and Fame on vinyl for some reason and shipping was just over $20. 

Back up 3 left   Edit: OOS now

They have little credibility outside of their fan base and people who enjoy that specific slice of mid-90s cheesy ska but, for me, outside of We're Not Happy, every full length delivers a sarcastic, guitar-heavy dose of dumb, entertaining fun for those looking for it. There's a place for culturally relevant, well-reviewed, important bands and there's also a place for bands that just play guitar and toot some horns and have fun without worrying about being the former. RBF are also very fun live, although I haven't seen them in maybe 10 years so someone would have to let me know if that's changed. All that said, it totally makes sense why someone would not like them and ignore them but God bless and have fun using your own time to proclaim it to people who dig them. :P

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Overall, RBF fans are some of the dumbest, worst people but one good thing about them is that they will always make time for people who need someone with which to talk. If you ever feel like connecting, whether it's in person or online, I recommend hitting up a RBF thread or meetup and they'll give you their attention and time and do it with a sense of humor.

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As much as I still love ska, I feel like RBF is just a band I'm not really interested in anymore. That being said, every summer I will listen to Turn The Radio Off and WDTRSH a few times. I will also say that I think Cheer Up is their best album and Aaron Barrett can take a huge dump on 95% of the guitarists in the world. 

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As far as "is this still entertaining to me today?", here is my ranking:


1. Why Do They Rock So Hard?

2. Candy Coated Fury

3. Everything Sucks

4. Monkeys For Nothing

5. Turn the Radio Off

6. Cheer Up

7. We're Not Happy...


I don't count the covers LP or any EPs, as I listen to those the least by far. Turn the Radio Off, for some reason, doesn't do much for me anymore but the rest of the stuff has aged better, IMO. We're Not Happy will always be the sound of a fun band not having fun on recordings that were ruined but had to be used anyway because they had no money to re-record.

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