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Upgrading Setup Advice

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Looking for some advice/suggestions for upgrading my setup.


Currently I have:

Project Essential III w/ Ortofon 2M Red

Project Phono Box Pre-Amp

Klipsch R-14M  Speakers

And I just use some Pioneer 5.1 receiver


Just wondering what maybe is the weaker link in the setup and some suggestions on what to upgrade to. Also curious what you all think on a turntable upgrade. It sounds fine enough just curious how much of an upgrade is needed to actually notice the difference.

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9 hours ago, Tardcore said:

You’ll probably get the most bang for your buck with an amp/speaker upgrade—depending on your budget.

I live in a small apartment so can't afford to go too crazy on speakers but think a nicer amp would help? Feels like it may be the worst part of my setup

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2 hours ago, Tardcore said:

Speakers don’t have to be large to be high quality and quality does not equal loud.

Oh for sure. I only bought these speakers in November and think they sound great. The receiver though is just one from a 5.1 package and don't have any sort of EQ or anything

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