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1 minute ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

Looks like people are trying to flip all of the variants right now, but it doesn't seem like any of them are actually "going"

Totally, people are jumping on the flip train because Vein is on fire right now...but with limited success.  

The $200 glow in the dark one I saw is down to $125 now, which is not surprising. 

Personally, I have one on a color that I think matches the cover (bloodshot eye) and I'm cool with that.

But when I saw the glow in the dark I had to buy it because I got swept up in that moment.

The counter was just going down, down down and $20 dollars is not a bad price for such a good record. 



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300 - Glow In The Dark Red

500 - Terrors Realm Splatter (Black with White splatter in Red)

500 - Nightstalker Splatter (Black in Clear with Red and White Splatter)

700 - 3 Wheel Smoke (Translucent Red with Black Smoke)

1500 - Doomtech Red (Opaque Red)

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9 minutes ago, BeerMonger said:


flipping asshat trying to sell 3 Errorzone GITD's for $200 🙄


you can report for 'Require Stock Check'.  You're not allowed to sell something you don't have in-hand.

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