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Advice on KEF Q500's

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Hi all, I really like my KEF Q100's, but feel they are a bit lacking in the bottom end at times. 


I have been looking at upgrading to some Q500's. Here's my setup: Pro-ject P1.2 w/ Ortofon 2M Blue - Pro-ject Phono Box - Rotel RA-935BX - KEF Q100.


For those of you that have experience with these speakers? (http://us.kef.com/q500

 - I have read that they like about 1 meter breathing space from the wall, how critical is this? 

 - Would my amp be powerful enough for the speakers? (40w per channel / 8 ohms)


Any thoughts on these speakers, or the upgrade from the Q100's would be appreciated. Thanks!


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On 9/3/2018 at 9:24 PM, andynz said:

Just checking in on this...


Before I pull the trigger on picking up a second hand set of these, would my amp run these ok?

Amp -  Rotel RA-935BX (40w per channel / 8 ohms)


Spec on the speakers are:


Yes. 40W per channel clearly falls neatly into the 15-130W outlined in your post.


Also, let me know where you're picking these up from - I've been eyeing them as my next upgrade as well.

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I found them on a second hand website, New Zealand's version of eBay. 


I tried the speakers out yesterday with some of my gear; I ended up not buying them. They really didn't provide a lot of extra bass over my Q100's  and didn't seem worth the NZD $700 upgrade. I also found I had to drive them a lot harder to get them as loud as my Q100's.


It could have been that we were testing them in a fairly big space, but they just didn't seem to be much of a step up.


I also have my eye on some Q Acoustics 3050's, but that may be a similar scenario. 



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