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My Sister’s Fugazi Shirt - Double Date (limited to 10 handmade cases) Bedroom-Pop/Shoegaze

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33 minutes ago, FiggyPud said:

Not really into tapes but just wanted to pop in and say the EP is awesome.  Fingers crossed for a vinyl press sometime.

Thanks!! Im pressing a smal run of 12” lathes that’ll be up in a few weeks. Probably only 15-20 of them. 

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19 hours ago, Vaporwave Meme Poster said:

Hey bro. I missed out on the tapes but I'm all in on the next round. 


I will wear a shirt if you get them made.

I’ll probably have some shirts when the lathes arrive in a few weeks!


Working on a follow up album now.  Heavier, sounds like Hum meets early Silversun Pickups. 

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