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I have an Audiotehnika Arija-102 turntable. It's a direct drive, and has a speed control with a strobe. However, when I play an LP and adjust the speed correctly according to the strobe, the record sounds as if it's playing about twice as fast as it should be. At the slowest speed setting possible, the record still sounds as if it's playing just slightly too fast. I already tried cleaning/lubricating the speed control, and it didn't help. I also can't seem to find any adjustment pots anywhere to fine-tune the range of the speed control. For a while I thought it might be a voltage issue, that perhaps since this is a Soviet turntable, it might be set up for 220V 50 Hz rather than the 60 Hz my mains provides, but after checking over everything I found that the turntable is meant to be used with a 120V 60 Hz current.  Does anyone know what else I might look into? I'm totally stumped here.



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