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Help me get my shelving space back. Prices include shipping. I'd like this stuff gone, so I'll consider any offers. By the way, I have plenty of 12" mailers but I think only one 7" mailer.


A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Boom!, translucent blue, $15

A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Live From the Living Room, purple, $10

Atmosphere - Lake Nokomis EP, picture disc, $10

Aviator - Head in the Clouds, Hands in the Dirt, NSR 2014 sub 74/125 - $15

Dads - Pretty Good, UK 10" version, blue/white, $12

Daisyhead - I Couldn't Face You, white, $8

Daisyhead - The Smallest Light, coke bottle clear w/cola $11

Dowsing - I don't even care anymore, green/grey/blue, $10

Dowsing - It's Still Pretty Terrible, kelly green, $12

Drew Thomson - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning/Oxy, coffee w/cream, $10

drmanhattan - drmanhattan, white, $12

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - When The Sea Became a Giant, baby  blue, $13

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward (reissue), gold/gold, $25

Ghost Key - The Things I Am Not, coke bottle clear w/cola $12

Grey Gordon - Forget I Brought IT Up, NSR 2014 sub 97/125, $13

Innerpartysystem - Innerpartysystem, black $10

Innerpartysystem - Never Be Content, 180g clear, $13

Into it. Over it. - Polyvinyl 4-Track Single, clear, $25

Into it. Over it./Everyone Everywhere, gold, $15

Into it. Over it./The Great Albatross, picture disc, $7

Into it. Over it./Daniel Johnston, black, $15

Looming - Nailbiter, coke bottle clear w/cola $13

Major League - There's Nothing Wrong With Me, coffee w/cream, $8

Misser - Distancing EP, black, $12

Mountains For Clouds - Maybe it's Already Everywhere, bone w/purple splatter, $6

No Sleep Records - A Comp for Mom, red w/cream splatter, $20

Orchid - Totality, red, $15

Pentimento - Wrecked, white, $9

Pentimento - S/T, "Ocean" variant, $15

Pentimento/Young English split, red, $15

Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride, kelly green, $12

Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus, blue marble, $10

Rescuer - Anxiety Answering, coffee w/cream, $15

Ritual Mess - Vile Art, black $10

Seasons Change - Please Don't Leave, coke bottle clear w/cola $10

Somos - Temple of Plenty, teal, $20

State Champs - The  Acoustic Things, half blue/half white w/blue splatter, $12

Title Fight - Spring Songs, baby blue, $6

Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me, black, $9

Topshelf Records - 4 Way Sampler, green, OFFER

Transit - Keep This To Yourself, black, $15

Transit - Something Left Behind, 180g black, OFFER

Turnover - Blue Dream, black, $7



The Obsessives - Manners EP, blue, $10

I Am The Branch - Only Connect, baby blue, $5

Fear Mint Vol. 1 anna sage./Brick Top, ghost (clear), $6


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