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best substitute for a Technics SL-1700 Cartridge,Headshell with Stylus

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so by reading the title of the of the topic its pretty obvious. The stylus still works alright, but it could be so much sharper. I own a Technics SL-1700, but im looking for a some what affordable new cartridge with a headshell with a good/great stylus. I would prefer to purchase off Amazon, but im not sure how to tell which cartridge,headshell,or stylus will be the right fir for my Technics SL-1700. I want it to be pretty much perfect. as you can tell by reading my post im new at buying new parts for turntables. My turntable still has the factory cartridge & everything, but im looking for a killer set up, maybe a black headshell with a red stylus. i just want something to pop on this dull grey color machine. I love my Turntable, but i want some flavor, i want to spend around$100-$225. I have found a lot on ebay, but i dont have paypal right now due to the wife, and i just do not know what cartridge will fir my SL-1700, or the headshell, or the stylus to fit it for that matter. i could use all your guys help if you dont mind please.


you can reply here, but if you like to reply to me directly

email me at [email protected]


thank you everyone for your help,


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