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PO: GREEN RIVER - Come On Down 12" EP Reissue

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10 minutes ago, jhulud said:

Green River posted on their FB page and I'm beyond ecstatic now...


Test pressing for the upcoming reissue of Come On Down 12" EP

More news soon!





Cool, looks like the SPF30 lineup is getting announced today...maybe they’ll play again this year

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Green River - Come On Down (Limited Edition Pink Vinyl w/ Bonus Track)



Released in 1985, Green River’s “Come On Down" was a record existing in its sonic universe--out of step with its own time. Was it glam? Was it punk? Was it metal? Was it cool? We now know it was one of the building blocks of what Mark Arm would coin as "grunge", but in 1985 this record was a silent groundbreaker. It was not only the raw, sludgy, slower guitar sound that makes this band important in its place in rock history, but the members of Green River would go on to lead some of the biggest names in the genre: Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone, the latter of which also contained the roots of Pearl Jam. In 1986 they signed with Sub Pop Records and one could argue loudly that without Green River in 1984, there might be no Sub Pop Records today.

Originally released on the forward-thinking Homestead Records in 1985, "Come On Down" is now being reissued for the first time on Jackpot Records. It has been mastered from the original master tapes by original producer and recording engineer Chris Hanzsek (Soundgarden, Melvins) as well as a tape transfer by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden). The record will also include the iconic original cover artwork and a printed inner sleeve with the lyrics and a photo of the original master tape box. We're proud to announce that this record will also include a rare, unreleased bonus track. Come drink in the sludge that kick started it all.

1. Come On Down
2. New God
3. Swallow My Pride
4. Ride of Your Life
5. Corner of My Eye
6. Tunnel of Love
7. Your Own Best Friend (Demo)

• One of the first Grunge records ever released
• Sourced from the original 1985 Master Tapes
• Includes unreleased bonus track
• Mark Arm & Steve Turner from Mudhoney
• Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam
• Limited Edition colored vinyl
• Features studio master tape box image with lyrics

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16 hours ago, morfiend said:

They’re not on the lineup but Mudhoney is. Does say special guests though....

wordd..they did a live announcement on Kexp and said not all the bands have been finalized..I was really hoping for sunny day and seaweed.  I only went to the first day of the sp20 fest so I missed green river on the second day

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Sorry to bump an old thread. Was just going through my records and figured out that my OG copy is signed by Mark Arm. When I bought it two years ago I never really thought it was an autograph from a band member. 



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