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[PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

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29 minutes ago, poweredbytrust said:

I thought this was a joke until I saw the Epitaph RSD listing... this is getting out of hand.

seems harmless and neat to me. I rail pretty hard against buying shit just to display it but tbh this is cool and I already get plenty of rotation out of 7" records when I'm doing random chores that only take a few songs' worth of time so I'm not above the idea of only getting a song per side.


I'm not gonna pay $600 secondhand for one if they don't have them at Sound Garden, but I'll totally pick one up if they do.


$70 seems about right considering making things aint free, cheap as materials may be, and then I expect some standard RSD markup. I guessed a hundred when I heard.


That being said, all I really care about this year is the Lost in Translation soundtrack. Flows better than most albums out there.


Bigger Longer Uncut too.


I find it odd these are the two i'm hyped for, normally OSTs can fuck right off. Like I'm ever gonna listen to a Skyrim 4xLP boxset.


EDIT: totally thought this was the RSD thread. I'm too high too early.

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@holyvacantsholyhell I totally get your point, and I'm not even against "short" releases. Guess it's rather the insane levels of gimmickiness this release entails :D They don't even let you choose which title you get, so you will have to either spent the max amount on the spot or remain with something which has few purposes aside from being a gimmick that's fun to display. Well, or you just make good coin from it in the aftermarket, but that's where my understanding for RSD stops entirely. I sure do hope that you will get the one(s) you desire, it will be interesting to see how the turntable works out too.

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13 minutes ago, jrodan said:

that being said, this is a really nice collection. Ride, Grouper, New Order, Low, and Concrete Blonde covers are all terrific and Pattern After Us is one of the best Nothing songs ever written. kinda a bummer it is relegated to a b-side.

Who knows, maybe if they notice a lot of request about a vinyl pressing, Relapse can decide to press it....

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