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PO: Modern Life is War “Tribulation Worksongs” 7"

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“Tribulation Worksongs” is a series of releases from Modern Life Is War, recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios. Aiming to be as hand built as possible, the lyrics/credits of each song were typed by vocalist/lyricist Jeff Eaton on his antique typewriter. These were later hand stamped on the front and back covers by artist Jacob Bannon, making each cover totally unique. The labels of the vinyl were also hand stamped before final assembly by the people at Deathwish.

Track Listing:  
01. Feels Like End Times 
02. Lonesome Valley Ammunitions

First Press: 
549 - Transparent Red 
549 - Clear 
549 - White 
1650 - Black

  • All copies include individually hand stamped covers and center labels
  • Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA
  • Assembled at Deathwish Inc. in Beverly, MA


DeathwishInc USA RED/549


DeathwishInc EU CLEAR/549


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"Tribulation Worksongs", not "Workings" but thank you for posting.

It's been an incredible project to be part of, excited to be releasing it.
Not a Pre-order either technically, but shipping immediately.

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