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Hello friends!


The only turntable I've ever had is a Dual CS503-1 that I inherited, I've upgraded every component around it but it has remained constant. I've got new speakers and a new amp and recently came into about $1,000 Canadian and wondered if it was time to upgrade the turntable. The table has an OMB10 cartridge on it. The only issue with the table is occasionally it has a small speed fluctuation. I've had my eye on a Rega Planar 2 (or potentially 3, a local store has one for a good price) as a potential replacement but am unsure if it would be a worth it upgrade. I would love to gain knowledge on how much better the Planar 2 is then my current table and perhaps an opinion on whether it is worth the upgrade. I'm a little concerned about wasting money on a sexy new table that won't even make a difference to me.




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