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Makes sense why they are on Warped Tour now with this release. Has this bands popularity just fallen off? Grabbed a /250 which surprises me. Also, can I just say that really like these shorter pre-order release windows lately? The release date for this is July 13th, so like 3 weeks, as opposed to the ridiculous 4 month long teases we used to get.

As for the song, I really like this poppier direction for this single. Is it just me or does it sound kinda like "Direction" era Starting Line? The pianos especially.


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I'm really impressed by the fact that this arrived today, on the day the album dropped.


Usually we're waiting weeks or even months to have the actual record in hand.  Gotta give it up to them.


Also, new Lydia arrived today...On release day.  This is the way that things ought to be done.


Big props to Real Friends & Lydia today.  Stay gold.

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