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[PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

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Bundle 1: 

– Thrice – Palms Deluxe LP (Wax Mage)

Hand made Wax Mage clear vinyl with red, white and black color stripe

Epitaph Store exclusive – limited to only 100 copies!

– Thrice – Palms LP (Opaque Grey w/Black Swirl)

Epitaph Store Exclusive – Limited to 2000 copies

– Thrice – Palms LP (Black 180 gram)

– Thrice Palms Logo Enamel Pin

The Thrice Palm logo as a high quality enamel pin.

– Thrice Palms Slipmat

The Thrice Palms design on a felt turntable slipmat.

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2 minutes ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

One is random splatter /100. One is album art color splatter /100. Both come with grey/ black and 180g variants too.

cool, thanks

1 minute ago, hallowken78 said:

I got Bundle 1 but I didn't hang around to see what the difference was and read the description.  It looked very similar to Bundle 2.

nice...I got 2...guess I will see when the site starts working again

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