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Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

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New Tropical Fuck Storm LP coming from Flightless on 23rd August (Joyful Noise releasing it in the UK (& US?)


UK Dinked Exclusive version on Highlighter Yellow & Electric Blue split colour vinyl with bonus 7" (limited to 500 numbered copies)




Full list of stockists - https://dinkededition.co.uk/


1. paradise

2. the planet of straw men

3. who’s my eugene?

4. the happiest guy around

5. maria 62

6. braindrops

7. aspirin

8. desert sands of venus

9. maria 63

dinked edition bonus 7"

1. the planet of straw men

2. can't stop

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2 hours ago, GazHilarant said:

Looks like Infest the Rats Nest is going up today, 3 variants of 2000 each. 

All are deluxe versions apparently with similar differing features like the Murder pressing.

Yellow & Black Galaxy /2000
Highlighter yellow w/ green and blue splatter /2000

Black smokey wax with brown, red & gold heavy splatter⠀/2000

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10 hours ago, youspinmeround said:

The 3rd single was on par with the first two...horrible


Setlist for new tour is weird




Fishies meets thrash is surely going to confuse some people



Last night's setlist was a little more balanced: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/king-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard/2019/forum-theatre-melbourne-australia-23917cd7.html


I was there and I thought it actually worked remarkably well. Some possible bias because being in Melbourne I get to see King Gizz A LOT and so to have a set that for the first time in a long time was predominantly new material was really refreshing. It wasn't as jarring as you might think.


The run home including "Self-Immolate" and then finishing with "Cyboogie" in particular was gold.

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Posted (edited)

Gee..finally! months of not being able to log in..due to some pop up stating "This site site looks suspicious" apparently!


Er?! A vinyl forum...suspicious?!


Anyway..whether like of not..i'm back peeps!  😜


And i'll start with a preorder for the The Babe Rainbow's latest album, up tonight on Flightless, 12 midnight UK, 9am down under..and not sure, but i think 7 or 8pm for the yanks across the pond. :)


No info on colours yet.

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