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New Daughters LP coming out soon? The guys have recorded but no info as to when the record will come out. They are touring in the fall. Will update when info comes out. 


Will be put out on Ipecac Recordings https://ipecac.com/news/541 expected by the end of the year


Tour dates and tickets https://bnds.us/l8nunc

Got my tix for Vitus! 


November 3 Brooklyn Bazaar 
November 4 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus- Sold Out
November 9 Los Angeles, CA The Echo
November 10 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
November 15 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge
November 17 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen- Sold Out

November 18 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen



New single “Satan In The Wait”


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1 hour ago, 1876records said:

does anyone have a copy of s/t they would be willing to sell?

Seconding this. I like Canada & Hell Songs, but s/t is one of my all-time favorite records.

6 hours ago, Satan said:

I can maybe help ya with Canada Songs

I’m afraid to ask how much

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Damn. It's pretty rough waiting for years for them to announce a Chicago show, then they finally do, it's on my birthday, and it sells out before I ever even heard about it!


Regardless, I'm beyond excited the record is finally coming out. They've always scratched such a specific itch for me musically and I can't wait to hear more. Can only spin those first three LPs so many times before the "holy SHIT how are they this heavy?!" wears off a bit.

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