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PO NOW: YUNG LEAN BOXSET (unknown death 2002, unknown memory, warlord)

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5 minutes ago, JustSchwimmer said:

Goddammit I need this but don't want to deal with ORM again, the last box set took two paypal claims and almost 18 months to get in hand.

He said they're going to only be up for a week from today to get the money for production. Only 200 of the special edition boxes. Should be done by mid-September and said there is a shipping crew that will get them all out once recieved. 


Honestly $170 shipped for the cheaper box isn't worth it to me. I already have unknown memory on vinyl. I really only want unknown death. He was selling everything from the lum boxset seperately at one point  so I'm probably gonna hold off until I can just buy unknown death by itself if I can. If not then I will survive without it. 

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