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Monkey Boy Records now Elsewhere store discounts available with crowdfudner

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Some of you may be aware of Monkey Boy Records, based in Canterbury, UK we have been running for almost 6 years now. We are moving the store and opening a new music venue so with that we decided to change our name and we settled on Elsewhere.


In terms of what we stock not much will change you can check out the store here - elsewhere.community


We have also launched a crowdfunder to help open the venue, we are offering some pretty good value perks with the crowdfunder (if i do say so myself). All vinyl discounts will also be available online. So the 2 that will likely be of interest to people here are
£15 - 10% off vinyl for one year (+ tote bag, badge, one free drink at the venue)
£50 -  10% off vinyl for life (+ tote bag, badge, one free drink at the venue)


You can donate here :) igg.me/at/elsewheremargate

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10 hours ago, whoa said:

Backing this. I'm on the south east coast, smack bang between there or Brighton. London is a mission to get to for gigs and getting back or staying there is insane. Really hope this works out and happy to be in on the ride. 

Thanks! Appreciate the support :) Regardless of how much we raise on the crowdfunder we will be opening up in some degree even if it's just the record store to start with.

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