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PO: High On Fire - Electric Messiah [Oct. 2018]

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01 “Spewn From The Earth”
02 “Steps Of The Ziggurat/House Of Enlil”
03 “Electric Messiah”
04 “Sanctioned Annihilation”
05 “The Pallid Mask”
06 “God Of The Godless”
07 “Freebooter”
08 “The Witch And The Christ”
09 “Drowning Dog”


PO Link: http://highonfire.merchnow.com/





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34 minutes ago, Metal Mike said:

That new track is so sick. I guess I need to start thinking now if I really need another flag...

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29 minutes ago, Smellman said:

High on Fire

Electric Messiah (colored vinyl)

exact color tbd

UPC: 634164604615
Release Date: 10/5/2018


We will let you what the color is as soon as we find out. 

EDIT: vinyl color is RED

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8 hours ago, Shrekular Haze said:

I mean... you gotta realize that the pre-order price on Luminiferous 2xLP was a complete automated software pricing fluctuation fluke of a fuck up on their part. I got three copies from them for $8 a pop. There is no way that was meant to happen. They fucked up and some of us reaped the benefits. Right place right time as they say. 

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Man, I really hope there are no more songs on this album that have any lyrics about any metal musicians playing metal. That shit just does not work for me. I found this title track sonically a little lacking as well. I mean, I know its highly aggressive and generally explosive like HOF is so in terms of music in general its out of control but its not moving me at all. Before Luminiferous came out I saw live videos of "Carcosa" and "The Sunless Years" and that shit got me hyped. This track is not pushing any of my buttons. I really kind of miss the dark, sludgy production of Snakes For The Divine. Its so raw and chunky but still articulate. This album and the last feels a little too polished by comparison. In general most High On Fire albums have only one total dud of a shit song in my opinion and the rest is killer. "The Falconist" was the shit song for me on Luminiferous.  I hope the rest of this album kills. 

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