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PO NOW: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU - New Others Part One (out 9/28)

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1 hour ago, angryalan said:

Up on Dark Ops as a clear or black (live show only) options. Also a test press (for $150 :blink: )


Stock as of now

Test Press: 14

Black: 44

Clear: 250






Sweet, snagged a clear copy. Had I read the full post beforehand maybe I would have grabbed a black but just happy it's up for pre-order.

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Going with black because that's the best option for best sound. 


Slightly off-topic, but do any of you guys have the Cerulean blue Young Mountain 10th anniversary?  I have a clear that I got at the first run of shows and sonically, it's one of the best records I own.  However, it's pressed off-center so there is massive pitch issues which make it unlistenable.  I'm curious if anybody can comment on the Blue's quality?  It's really a shame because that clear sounds absolutely wonderful, sonically.  The remaster is powerful. 

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