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PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

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8 minutes ago, mmhmm said:

How did Alcopop respond to the threat to file a claim against them?  Just curious.

By offering me a £20 refund or a £30 voucher for the site.  I'm still waiting for one more response from "Conner" who I've been working with.  He usually gets back to me within a day, but I haven't gotten the usual response from him this morning, so I'm not sure how they're going to handle my final declaration.  Stay tuned, will keep you updated.   Is anyone else speaking with Conner or someone else with customer service who is getting different answers or outcomes?  I've asked for a 50% refund and aint stoppin until it's done.

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Heard back from Forrest- he's going to make sure everyone who wants a refund is offered a refund...unfortunately, I doubt that means keeping the set and getting a refund, which is pretty understandable.  He plans to obtain his own set and see if further action is warranted...he didn't explain what he meant by that.  

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35 minutes ago, backpackoat said:

Ah, I see. Thanks. As shitty as this is I would rather not deal with all that. Been hard enough getting hold of anyone to begin with. Take my lumps and move on I guess

I received a 50% refund... I still like the album.  Still expensive for what we actually received... even at half off - but I'll also take my lumps.

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