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FS (briefly): Collection (post-rock, screamo, hardcore, pop punk, etc.)

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This is everything I have. I'm heading back to college in two weeks and want to get some extra funds, so feel free to make offers on one or many. Almost certainly won't sell anything in italics, but it doesn't hurt to throw out a number. I won't respond to messages for a couple days - just want to gauge interest first and foremost. Any record without a specified color is black. Feel free to ask questions - I'm willing to cut deals, a lot of these have just been gathering dust on the shelf.

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WTB list is here in case anyone feels like trading.


UPDATE 1/5/19: Added prices. $4 shipping regardless of quantity. Important note: things in italics are up for offers only, e.g. if you send me a message and it does not include an offer, I will not respond. There are several of those that I won't sell regardless, but it never hurts to send a note anyway. Items marked with a "+" are free add-ons.


1/11/19: Sale over, for now.


5/2/2019: Sale back on. I get home 5/10, so I won't be able to ship until then. See OP for specifics.



the candyland carcrash – s/t

dead like dallas – a story as old as time 

defeater – lost ground 2x7” (red)

devour – insect circuitry (red) 

disembarked – i do nothing but regret the fact that i left (silver) 

do not resuscitate – s/t 

the falling – s/t 

frameworks – small victories (purple)

i, robot – s/t 

lavinia – take shelter (half black/white) 

midnight souls - always (silver) 

molto rumore per nulla – s/t 

my iron lung – grief (half red/white) 

owel – all i’ll ever know 

reviver – potential wasteland 

SPLIT – battle of wolf 359 / kaddish 

SPLIT – beau navire / republic of dreams

SPLIT – the great clearing off / the sound of failure +

SPLIT – the holy mountain / cave canem (red) 

SPLIT – old gray / tiny moving parts (/100) 

transit – skipping stone (burgundy) 

tristan tzara – da ne zaboravis (repress red w/black splatter) 

unconditional arms – fever basin 

whenskiesaregray – what can not be reversed (coke bottle green) 

you taught me how to cope – with you, i will live again




…who calls so loud – s/t 2x10” (green/black/yellow)

black hourglass - szétfoszló ég, szélre vár 

blueneck – the fallen host 2x10” (white)

danse macabre – einserseits/andererseits 

firestarter – forget the past (ginger) 

funeral diner – the wicked (clear) 

gillian carter – lost ships sinking with the sunset (gray w/black splatter) 

la quiete – la fine non è la fine (og) 

pageninetynine - document #8 (repress) 




a film in color - they march in endless circles (clear)

a loss for words – no sanctuary (bone)

a lot like birds – no place (blue/green) 

a silver mt. zion – he has left us alone…

a winged victory for the sullen - s/t

a winged victory for the sullen – atomos 2xLP (kranky clear) 

actor | observer - pareidolia (coke bottle w/yellow and black splatter) 

all get out - the season (red/white smash)

the american scene – safe for now (clear w/blue splatter

the angelic process – weighing souls with sand 2xLP (OG black) 

annabel – having it all (blue/white marble) 

antilles – s/t ep 

apart – gray light (white w/gray)

arktika – heartwrencher 

arktika – symmetry (half clear/white) 

artifex pereo – passengers (milky clear) 

ashbringer – yugen 2xLP

astralia – atlas (clear blue w/black)

astralia – solstice 2xLP (clear green w/black) 

balance and composure – the things we think we’re missing (2nd press red/pink)

balmorhea - all is wild, all is silent 

banner pilot – collapser 

barely civil - we can live here forever (pink)

barrens - penumbra (black smoke w/white blob)

barrow – though i’m alone (clear w/black smoke)

battle of wolf 359 - the death of affect (repress)

batwings catwings – coast to coast 

bearings - blue in the dark (clear w/blue splatter) 

beau navire – hours 

being as an ocean – how we both wondrously perish 

beware of safety - it is curtains (red w/black smoke)

beware of safety – dogs 2xLP (pilsner) 

black clouds - everything is not going to be ok (180g)

blak – between darkness and light (clarobscur) 

blueneck – scars of the midwest (180g clear) 

born without bones – say hello 

boston manor - be nothing. (ultra clear) 

boston manor - glue (blue/gray/white twist)

bright like the sun – s/t (white)

broadway calls – good views, bad news

bokanovsky – s/t ep (clear red) 

calculator – this will come to pass (pre-order cover) 

the calm blue sea – s/t 

cara neir – portraits to a better, dead world 

carlos cipa – the monarch and the viceroy

carrion spring – a short history of decay (orange, gold print) 

carson wells – tread a northern path 

casey – love is not enough (buttermilk) 

caspian – the four trees 2xLP (2nd press bronze)

caspian – you are the conductor (clear w/olive blob) 

caspian – tertia 2xLP (gold) 

caspian – dust and disquiet 2xLP (BSM black w/silver splatter)

the caution children – safe crusades… (clear blue) 

choke up – black coffee, bad habits (clear blue w/smoke) 

circa survive – on letting go (purple translucent)

circa survive - blue sky noise 2xLP (remastered) 

circa survive – the amulet 

circle takes the square - as the roots undo (#318/330 green)

city of caterpillar – s/t (OG pressing – 2nd set of labels) 

coastlands – to be found (brown marble)

code orange kids - love is love//return to dust (orange marble) 

colaris – nexus 2xLP 

coldplay – a rush of blood to the head 

come wind - move in place 

corea – quien encuentra la madre conoce a los hijos 2xLP

counterparts – the difference between hell and home 

counterparts – tragedy will find us (red/gray/black smash) 

cult leader - lightless walk (clear/oxblood)

daitro – y (yellow) 

the dangerous summer - reach for the sun (half white/half blue) 

the dangerous summer - war paint

daturah – s/t 2xLP (black w/screenprint) 

daturah – reverie 2xLP (purple/yellow/clear smash #/150)

daytrader – twelve years (swamp green) 

dead friends – s/t 

dead leaves – vultures (clear w/pink splatter) 

deadhorse – we can create our own world (clear gold w/black) 

deer leap – here. home. (white) 

defeater - travels (red w/black smoke) 

defeater – empty days and sleepless nights 2xLP (180g black w/silver labels)

defeater – letters home (clear w/white and black splatter)

defeater – abandoned 

direwolves – me from myself, to banish! (milky clear #/500) 

disembarked – nothing’s wrong here (white/green) 

do make say think – you, you’re a history in rust 

do make say think - stubborn persistent illusions 2xLP

do no harm – and I am now played out 

dolcim – guillotine ride 

driver friendly – unimagined bridges 

echoes – the pursuit (milky clear)

ef – give me beauty… or give me death! 2xLP (OG #/500) 

elle - she (clear w/red splatter)

the elijah – i loved i hated i destroyed i created 2xLP (acid wash)

eluvium - talk amongst the trees 2xLP

end - splinters from an ever-changing face (aqua/mustard w/red splatter)

envy - a dead sinking story 2xLP (level plane)

envy – all the footprints you’ve ever left… (HG fact) 

envy – atheist’s cornea 

explosions in the sky – those who tell the truth shall die… 

fall of messiah – empty colors (clear blue) 

faltre – elegeia 2xLP 

famous last words – council of the dead (green) 

fjort – d’accord (white) 

for everest – we are at home in the body (clear w/blue and pink splatter)

forever came calling – what matters most (clear/black/green) 

forever losing sleep – I lost myself again (oxblood/black) 

fourteen nights at sea – great north (180g white) 

foxes – organic vessels (aqua w/splatter) 

frameworks – loom (gray w/white and black splatter) 

frameworks – smother (black/yellow smash)

free throw - what's past is prologue (clear w/black splatter)

from indian lakes – able bodies (silver)

from indian lakes – absent sounds (clear w/cream blob) 

front porch step – aware (clear/white/purple stripe) 

full of hell - rudiments of mutilation (bone)

full of hell - weeping choir (white pinwheel w/gray splatter)

funeral diner – the underdark (og)

funeralbloom – petals (cream) 

gates – bloom & breathe 2xLP (electric blue) 

gatherer – caught between a rock and a sad place (green)

gatherers – quiet world (red w/black)

gatherers – we are alive beyond repair (walnut)

ghost key – if I don’t make it

giants - old stories (green/white smash)

giants – they, the undeserving (white OG)

godspeed you! black emperor - f#a#infinity (water tower)

godspeed you! black emperor – slow riot for new zero kanada

godspeed you! black emperor – lift your skinny fists… 2xLP

godspeed you! black emperor – yanqui UXO 2xLP 

the graduate – only every time (gray/green marble) 

grandview – everything between paint and a wall (random)

great grandpa - four of arrows

hail the sun – wake (olive marble)

handguns – life lessons (white/blue/navy stripe) 

hands like houses – ground dweller (half clear/oxblood)

hands like houses – unimagine (white)

harvard - the inevitable and i 2xLP (tour press)

hrvrd - from the bird's cage (clear w/white smoke)

hath - of rot and ruin 2xLP

have mercy – the earth pushed back (180g)

have mercy - make the best of it (clear w/turquoise blob)

haze – clouds surround and breathe (white/gray #/250)

heart to heart – s/t (green/black split)

heartless breakers – the great give back (aqua marble)

hiss tracts – shortwave nights 

hope drone – cloak of ash 2xLP (silver) 

the hotelier – home, like noplace is there (lavender) 

hourvari – s/t ep 

hundreds of au - mission priorities on launch & communications link re-established

hundredth - revolt/resist (half white/black)

hundredth - rare (pink/clear smash)

i the mighty – satori/karma never sleeps 2xLP (clear blue)

idlehands – dena mora (sky blue marble)

if these trees could talk – s/t & above the earth, below the sky 2xLP (clear w/crazy splatter)

infant island - beneath (blue smash w/clear splatter)

inventions – s/t

jakob - solace 2xLP (red/black)

jakob – sines 2xLP (red/orange) 

joshua fit for battle - to bring our own end (white/yellow split)

june paik - 2006 s/t

jungbluth – part ache 

kidcrash – jokes (OG)

knocked loose - a different shade of blue (blue tri-twist)

kokomo – monochrome noise love 2xLP (pink/white)

la dispute – somewhere at the bottom… 2xLP (8th press green) 

la dispute – wildlife 2xLP (clear purple)

la dispute - panorama (purple sapphire)

la parade – voces del exilio

l'effondras - les flavescences (180g)

le pre ou je suis mort – s/t (black/clear split)

less life – today will be ours

light bearer – silver tongue 2xLP 

loma prieta – last city (repress) 

loma prieta - i.v. 

mandancing - everyone else (lathe)

matsuri – endship (coke bottle clear) 

maybeshewill – i was here for a moment, then I was gone

meniscus – refractions 2xLP (clear purple)

mesa verde – the old road

mihai edrisch – l’un sans l’autre (clear w/red haze)

mihai edrisch – un jour sans lendemain (OG)

mohican – the abuse is character

mono - under the pipal tree 2xLP 

mono - hymn to the immortal wind 2xLP

mono – the last dawn & rays of darkness 2xLP (clear w/smoke #/1000) 

moving mountains – pneuma 2xLP (OG green)

moving mountains – foreword (caetera) 

moving mountains – s/t (white)

my iron lung – relief (half clear/olive)

my ticket home - strangers only (yellow)

neck deep – life’s not out to get you (aqua) 

not to reason why – would you hug fire? 2xLP

oathbreaker - eros | anteros

o'brother - garden window 2xLP (red)

oceana - birth.eater (beer w/black splatter)

of the vine – east-the-water 2xLP

off minor – the heat death of the universe (clean plate)

oh, weatherly - lips like oxygen (pink) 

oiseaux-tempete – s/t 2xLP (maroon w/black)

øjne – undici / dodici

øjne - prima che tutto bruci (red)

old gray - slow burn (clear w/red and blue splatter)

old solar - see 2xLP (clear gold w/blue splatter)

old soul – nature’s arms encircle all (green marble)

old soul – blue heron

osoluna – s/t 

owel – s/t 2xLP (ultra clear – no piano)

owel – dear me 2xLP

owel - paris 2xLP (clear coke)

pet slimmers of the year – fragments of uniforms 2xLP (clear red) 

pettersson – rift and seam (clear) 

pg.lost – it’s not me, it’s you! 2xLP (OG white)

pg.lost – key 2xLP (repress) 

pianos become the teeth – old pride (pink marble EU tour press) 

pianos become the teeth – the lack long after (dark gray marble) 

pijn - loss 2xLP (blue) 

prawn – ships (light gray marble) 

the prestige – amer 

raein - il n'y a pas de orchestre (white cover, 1st press)

the receiving end of sirens – the earth sings mi fa mi (repress clear w/splatter)

red apollo – altruist 2xLP 

rescuer – anxiety answering (cream w/olive haze)

respire – gravity and grace (white) 

rolo tomassi – time will die and love will bury it 2xLP (repress british seaside)

romance of young tigers – i have supped full on horrors

rorcal - vilagvege (2nd press)

rorcal - creon 2xLP

rosetta - a determinism of morality 2xLP (repress clear w/pinwheels and splatter)

run forever – settling (light blue marble)

russian circles - blood year

russian circles – station (gold) 

russian circles – geneva 2xLP

russian circles – guidance (brown w/burgundy) 

the saddest landscape - you will not survive (clear) 

the saddest landscape – darkness forgives (orange/blue smash) 

sannhet - revisionist

sannhet - so numb (clear)

saxon shore – the exquisite death of… (flesh) 

seaway – colour blind (aqua/orange/yellow)

sed non satiata – s/t (blue translucent)

seeyouspacecowboy - the correlation between... (clear w/red and black splatter)

september malevolence – tomorrow we’ll wonder… (milky clear)

set and setting – equanimity (ultra clear) 

set and setting – a vivid memory 2xLP 

set fire to flames – sings reign rebuilder 2xLP (alien8)

set fire to flames – telegraphs in negative/mouths trapped in static 2xLP 

shadow of intent - reclaimer 2xLP (translucent purple)

the shaking sensations - how are we to fight the blight? 2xLP

shipwrecks – s/t

shirokuma – sun won’t set (lime/cranberry smash) 

silent whale becomes a dream – canopy 2xLP

silent whale becomes a dream - requiem 2xLP (2nd press black/silver smash)

sisters of… - the serpent, the angel, and the adversary (ultra clear)

the sky above and earth below – parting ways

so hideous – last poem / first light

so hideous – laurestine (dark purple)

sorority noise - you're not as ___ as you think (white w/orange and blue splatter)

sparrows swarm and sing – untitled #2

SPLIT – il mare di ross / riten / aperture - hydra

SPLIT - for your health / shin guard - death of spring

SPLIT – men as trees / le pre ou je suis mort / dolcim / dying in motion

SPLIT – old soul / nic

SPLIT – stand der dinge / furtive forest

spurv - myra

state champs – the finer things (bone w/blue and orange splatter)

state champs – around the world and back (half clear/gray w/splatter)

state faults - desolate peaks (deep red)

state faults – resonate/desperate (orange marble)

state faults - clairvoyant

stolas - allomaternal (black w/purple splatter)

the story so far – under soil and dirt

the story so far – what you don’t see (180g)

the story so far - proper dose (half clear/purple w/splatter)

suffocate for fuck sake – blazing fires and helicopters… 2xLP (OG) 

suffocate for fuck sake – in my blood 

sumac - the deal 2xLP

svalbard – one day all this will end 

the swellers – ups and downsizing (rust)

syberia - resiliency

take one car – everyone you know is here right now (milky clear w/splatter) 

talons – new topographics 

tempest – s/t

tentacles – ambivalence

things fall apart - s/t

this patch of sky – newly risen, how brightly you shine (#/40)

this will destroy you – young mountain (6th press blue/purple)

this will destroy you - s/t 2xLP (4th press mixed)

this will destroy you - tunnel blanket 2xLP (180g)

throes - in the hands of an angry god (gold)

the tidal sleep – vorstellungskraft (blue/white smash)

tides of man – young and courageous 2xLP (oxblood)

tides of man - every nothing 2xLP (aqua/clear w/red splatter)

the timeout drawer – nowonmai 

tiny moving parts – celebrate (clear blue/purple split) 

totem skin – still waters run deep (clear w/black splatter) 

totem skin – weltschmerz

touche amore – parting the sea between brightness and me

touche amore – is survived by (clear light blue)

touche amore – stage four

toundra – (ii) 2xLP (rose/pink)

toundra – (iv) 2xLP (green w/green splatter)

traditions – cycles (white)

transit – listen and forgive (gray w/orange splatter)

transit – joyride (orange)

trap them - sleepwell deconstructor (180g)

trna – lose yourself to find peace (obsidian brume)

trna - earthcult 2xLP (luminous mist)

trophy eyes - chemical miracle (clear blue)

turnover – magnolia (white/sea blue smash)

turnover – peripheral vision (orange)

underoath - erase me (clear w/green splatter #/300)

via fondo – efter, utan under

violent breakfast – nient’altro che tempo

viva belgrado – flores, carne (clear green)

wake - devouring ruin (clear w/smoke and rainbow splatter)

we never learned to live – s/t ep (maroon) 

we never learned to live – silently, i threw them skyward (cream/cherry smash)

weak wrists - s/t

who needs maps? – s/t

winter dust – autumn years (clear blue)

winter dust – thresholds (milky clear)

wolves at the gate – types & shadows 2xLP (teal)

the wonder years - the greatest generation 2xLP

wow, owls! – pick your patterns (red w/splatter)

years of rice and salt - nothing of cities (white)

yellowcard – southern air

yndi halda – enjoy eternal bliss 2xLP (OG)

yndi halda – under summer (cookies and cream)

young and heartless – the pull of gravity (caramel)

young and heartless – stay away (white)

young mountain – we’re drowning in slowmotion (white)

youth fountain - letters to our former selves (clear w/blue blob tour press)




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