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Stereolab / Cavern of Anti-Matter / Duophonic Thread

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I was taking a break from vinyl when most of these released. Luckily I found a shop that had them, The downside was that the shop was 50 miles from my house. Regardless, I ran down there and got clear copies of Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Dots and Loops, Cobra & Phases, and Mars Audiac Quintet. plus I got Transient Random Noise Bursts a couple weeks ago from a store closer to home. I'm 0/5 on the scratch offs though.


I'm going to take my Copy of Dots and Loops to their SLC show on Tuesday to see if I can get it signed. :)

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1 minute ago, timsimmons said:

I was literally googling the dates of the last 2 announcements (because they should be going live around now for a late Nov release) and saw they were a Tuesday and Wednesday. So I thought I’d swing by the lab store and my page monitor literally dinged at that moment. 

Yeah I happened to go on the site to check and bingo they just went up :)

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