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Death From Above "Heads Up" EP reissue

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1 minute ago, voltagedrop said:

Anyone know if these are shipping from Canada or the US?

They briefly added a product option for Canadian customers yesterday and then removed it. Not sure.Apparently shipping details are what’s holding this up.


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1 minute ago, lethalenforcer said:

Hey VinylVault douche nozzle - since I know you check here, I’m not sure what “orangle” is but your eBay buyer might be disappointed that it’s actually orange.


go off king

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The email was amusing - unsure if I want a French-Canadian arm hair now or not.

Many thanks to lethalenforcer and others above for the info they provided on this.



Your Heads Up Vinyl Is Coming Soon!

Hello Dear Human/Ancient Fashion Records Customer!

First of all, thank you for buying Heads Up on vinyl!
We sold all the split color vinyl in under 2 hours! We were totally overwhelmed by the response. Incredible.
As I write this message I am waiting in my apartment for records to arrive at my door from Third Man Pressing! This is very exciting.
By purchasing the vinyl last weekend you participated in a pre-sale for a record that is officially being re-released Nov 2nd 2018. Once the records arrive (any minute now!), I will start to prepare them for shipment and get them out of the door before I leave for the Heads Up! Is Now tour on October 25th. I'll have all the unsigned vinyl on it's way to you before then. 
As for the autographed copies, Jesse and I will sign those when we're in LA together on Nov 5th, and I'll do my best to get them all out the door before I continue tour on the 7th. If I run out of time, the rest of the records will be shipped as soon as I get back from tour. Hopefully you won't scratch your faces off waiting. Some of you have been waiting 16 years for this (myself included), and a few more weeks won't kill you. Such is D.I.Y.! If it's any consolation, it's possible that you might also receive one of my French-Canadian arm hairs or other random DNA stuck to the record box. I am not encouraging you to clone me, but if you do please raise me kindly and feed (new) me Lasagna and red wine. 


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