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Primus Reissues

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I found this listing for a Pork Soda pressing out on 11/2 while browsing Bullmoose. 

Primus - Pork Soda


Interscope is listed as the label, not Plain like the last press. This is also considerably cheaper than the going rate for the Plain pressing. 


Update 10/4

Bullmoose has the Brown Album up for preorder too. Description says it's a remaster. 



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Loads of preorders now.

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21 minutes ago, chunkrock said:

The Brown Album is the best Primus album*. I don't think they could improve on the MOV pressing but I'll probably buy it and find out. 


*I know I'm the only one who thinks it's their best album. 

I don't think it's their best, but I've always really liked it and it's light years better than Antipop. 


I'm curious what the remaster sounds like too. I don't think there's anything bad about the original mastering or the MOV pressing. 

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3 hours ago, PookdaddyG said:

I hope the press the greatest hits. While I dig Primus, I can only imagine that i'd want to spin the hits if I am going to put it on the turn table. 

This is madness! I want all the albums AND all the live shows from 2003-2004 in 6LP boxsets!!!

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7 hours ago, mucusoffmybrain said:

Amazon has Pork Soda for $23.68 (-$1.55 at checkout) right now.


Wish they would announce the box set if it's truly happening.

Does the preorder price guarantee cover these discounts at checkout? I probably won't cancel and reorder to save 1.55. Just curious. 

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