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Primus Reissues

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7 hours ago, got PTSD from RSD said:

For those who bought the colored set with signed poster, did you receive the poster?

I emailed them about it last week and received a reply today. Said poster was done and band is signing them now. Stated I would be receiving it soon and would get an email letting me know when it shipped.

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On 5/16/2019 at 9:10 AM, Sanspants said:



Apparently all the colored reissues are available at retail on 6/28. Amazon and Bullmoose have them for preorder. I haven't seen anything about these being limited. 

Didn't even realize this was the case, I just happened to stop by my local record store today right as they were putting new stock out today. Didn't believe my eyes at first. Walked away with colored Punchbowl, Pork Soda, Debris, and Animals/People.

Everything matches the limited reissues: barcodes, runout stamps and etchings, etc. Given there was no subsequent announcement from the band about a repress of the colored reissue, I have to wonder if they held onto some of the stock to be sold through retailers and independent record stores.

I mean hell, there's still stock of limited, colored Brown Album, Rhinoplasty, and Animals/People on the band's webstore.

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