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Tons of Test Presses for Sale (Taking Back Sunday, The Get Up Kids, Bayside, Saves the Day, John Nolan, etc.)


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I have decided to part with all of the Test Presses that I have acquired over the years. I have regular copies of all of these records so there is no real need for me to have these as well since I am not Variant Collecting. I am in no need or rush to sell these so please serious offers only. I do have a general idea what they are worth so if you're looking for an incredible deal you're most likely not going to find it here. If interested please send me so some offers and we can go from there. Thanks!



Nightmares For A Week - Veins (Black, 1st Press, No Cover, Numbered-5/5)  $28.00

Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence (Black, 1st Press, No Cover)  $OFFER

The Casket Lottery/Waxwing - Split (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover, Numbered-05/10)  $OFFER

The Get Up Kids - Woodson (Black, 2nd Press, No Cover, Out of 3)  $OFFER



The Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day (Black, 1st Press, No Cover)  $OFFER



Able Baker Fox - Voices (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover)  $OFFER

Bayside - Shudder (Black, 1st Press, No Cover)  $OFFER

Bayside - The Walking Wounded (Black, 1st Press, No Cover)  $OFFER

Brandtson - Send Us A Signal (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover, Numbered-05/20)  $OFFER

John Nolan - The Acoustic Sessions (Opaque Orange, 1st Press, Hand Drawn Cover of Old Man by John Nolan, Out of 15)  $OFFER

Saves the Day - Under The Boards (Clear Green, 1st Press, No Cover, Out of 16)  $OFFER 

Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (Black, 1st Press, Comes in a White Die-Cut Sleeve, A-Side Label Numbered-13/20)  $OFFER

Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be (Black, 1st Press, No Cover, Out of 20)  $OFFER

The Forecast - In The Shadow of Two Gunmen (Black, 1st Press, Screened Cover, Numbered-15/20)  $OFFER

The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (Black, 3rd Press, No Cover)  $OFFER

The Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder (Pink, 1st Press, Regular Cover, Out of 30)  $OFFER

Thursday - Five Stories Falling (Black, 1st Press, No Cover but Pink insert Numbered No. Test/2000, Out of 15)  $OFFER

Washington Square Park - Washington Square Park (Black, 1st Press, No Cover, Numbered-10/15)  $24.00 ppd



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