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WTB: toe ‎– The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety (Clear w/ Black Smoke)


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Hey there, 

I heard of this place from a guy a bought from on discogs! 

I recently got in my head that I wanted the most limited first-pressings of the Topshelf Records' toe vinyl since I love the band so much.  

Although they are all in shipping, I have managed to get all of them (aside from the most recent couple, which I got from the label's site when they first came out) other than the one on the topic.   

I know it's likely to pop up on discogs in due time but I thought I would throw it here in case anyone is looking to sell but doesn't on discogs. 

A cool seller from US said to peruse here for the last one on top of discogs.  

My lame discogs profile for those not wanting to sell to a first-timer on here.  

It's super exciting to get a collection put together even if they aren't that sought after.  
Thanks regardless!  Seems like a cool website to have access to as I am just starting on the addictive vinyl journey.  

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A worthy endeavor and like you said, in due time you will have one for a good price. Lucky you get to see them live! No one ever comes close to where I live (that I like) so we pick and choose our road trips.

(I have the original Box Set, all the 1st press limited , and the Test Presses as well - when Topshelf auctioned on ebay - all housed in leftover boxes for the Box set) :)


They are truly talented - the drummer gets most recognition and he is a beast on the kit - but the whole band just mesh together so well.

Sorry I can't help but good luck, and hang around here - ignore the chatter - there's some great stuff to learn and great people here who will have similar interests.

Do you like their new EP?

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UPDATE - I bought this version from discogs just now.  CLOSED  Happy my collection is complete!  Now just to update discogs with all this.

Thanks for the message -  oh man you've got the collection going on then!    I hesitated on test presses since I kinda want the finished glistening product to lavish over time, but I was dangerously looking haha.   That was good timing on your part to see it come up when it did.  

If it wasn't for toe I never would've made the jump to live in Japan for a few years, I never would be so into music as a hobby/general past-time, and I think I just would overall not appreciate musical talent as much as I do now.   So I agree in your obs love for them too :D  The drumming in Goodbye first stole me, and after that they can make anything and I'll listen with love. 

The new EP is great.  At first I was almost annoyed at how much vocal-work they were putting in the title track, but after a couple listens I grew quite fond of it.  So much so I was humming it without thinking for hours after listening.   Deep lyrics, with potentially heart-wrenching meaning.  I dunno about the choice of video though but I suspect it was a personal video for whom the song is about?   In the end Dual Harmonics made my playlist because of the variety in it.  F_A_R was appreciated because of how easy it is to see they are still changing as a band (maybe they'll add some synth work next LP, that would be sick but maybe too far for them to make work).  And Etude was my least favorite, as we've heard that start in bands (like Elephant Gym??) many times already it kinda seems like a cliche/mayyybe too repetitive post-rock song at first..however it is far from a bad song as it hits toe-nostalgia pretty hard later on in my probably-rediculous-opinion .  Hope you enjoyed it too!


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