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There was a glitch in the Bandcamp matrix so early purchasers could stream the whole album.  I can attest, this is fucking good.  I didn't like "To Be Found" too much, it seemed unfocused to me, but man... this new album is slamming!  Makes me kind of think old TPOS but a little bit heavier.  This is some vital stuff, I'm really liking it. 


/35 is still available but not for long!

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4 minutes ago, omik11303 said:

What are the track lengths? I'm a little uneasy because the mockup shows "Quiet Beneath..." as taking up all of Side C, and yet it's only 6 minutes long.

It doesn't actually show the track lengths for me, but I asked Jason and will report back, him and I were chatting a bit this morning through the ordering process. 





Yes! we had to do that because Departing void and In lieu of Dust had to be on one side since they bleed together a little.
Here are the side times and such!
Side 1 0:00 - 7:32.0 7:32.0 - 13:49.8
Side 2 0:00 - 6:27.6 6:27.6 - 14:38.3
Side 3 0:00 - 6:11.0
Side 4 0:00 - 5:15.8 5:15.8 - 11:29.5
But since Quiet is more bass heavy and dynamic track our producer suggested that be on its own to make sure it sounds the best, especially since its the single
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9 hours ago, shamrocks said:

nice, i grabbed the last /35 super excited. I loved to be found so im really looking forward to this

It is so much better than that record.  It's funny how some people have different tastes because to me, that is the most boring post-rock record made.  It seems very unfocused and directionless to me. 

This album is heavier, and peakier.  The last 2 tracks are really the only time the band gets ambient like their other stuff. 

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